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    Whatever, this is down right funnny

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    Deep scratch found after delivery.

    Hopefuly, this makes the JOY factor reappear.
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    I might have to wait for my Tremor,

    Wonder when they will restock them. Rumor is, that Soop has one on order for a very special member. o_O
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    Group Buy Ideas, Suggestions and Wants

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    Tremor Engine 2nd guessing myself

    My only regret is that diesel has went from $2.00 per gallon when I orderd to close to $4.00 per gallon today. Naw, I still have no regrets as I smile looking at the 6.7 Tremor.
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    Whatever, this is down right funnny

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    What’s in your gun safe?

    That 300 WSM is fun to shoot. Nice plinker.
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    WANTED Tremor Factory wheels and tires

    Hey Scrittergetter, I'll take one too.
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    2022 Front Grill Removal

    That is basically how you get the bottom piece off. (Rip Off with TLC recommended)
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    Whatever, this is down right funnny

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    Mallerds Build

    I was so tied up with my Canada trip, I forgot to post a pic of my Wet Okule seat covers. Here is a pic of the rears. They match the Baja interior perfect. I realize those who do not hunt may not appreciate the color choice, but thats why Henry Ford started making white as an alternative to...
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    Will the Stars align??????

    Just a little under 4000 miles. approx 3400 miles on the highway with an average speed of 77 mph. Remainder done on Canadian gravel roads Trip average of 18.7 by the Lie o Meter. Only problem is that the cheap bolt provided by Fox connecting the ATS Steering Stabilizer broke. We managed to...