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    Ford’s CEO Jim Hackett is out, Jim Farley takes over

    It's about time, Hackett was running Ford into the ground. This is a much needed change.
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    Ford’s CEO Jim Hackett is out, Jim Farley takes over

    Ford Motor CEO and President Jim Hackett will unexpectedly retire in the midst of an $11 billion restructuring plan that has failed to impress investors. Hackett, 65, will be succeeded by his heir apparent, Jim Farley, Ford’s chief operating officer, effective Oct 1. Farley, 58, will work with...
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    What Tonneau Cover is everyone using? Pros/cons

    How are you liking that cover? Does this cover still give you access to the bed rail holes?
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    TOTM August 2020 - Tremor of the Month.. Starts Now!

    Awesome photos so far! Remember, this month entries are limited to 10. Only 6 spots remain before voting will open!
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    Largest Stock Tires

    @Dallas2000 - Check out this thread:
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    Largest Stock Tires

    I think the main problem is going to be the width of the stock wheel. It's hard to go much wider on a 8" wheel and stay within the specs of the tire manf.
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    2020 or 2021 Super Duty

    We are now roughly 2 weeks away from when the 2021 Super Duty order banks are suppose to open up. I'm surprised Ford hasn't released info on the 2021 model year yet. Come on Ford!
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    Magnetic Grey Ford Tremor

    Looks awesome! I was set on Iconic Silver, however there is a Magnetic Tremor with the Sport Package coming in to a dealer about 200 miles away from me in about 10 days I think I'm going to jump on.
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    TOTM August 2020 - Tremor of the Month.. Starts Now!

    Ladies and Gents it is time for the August 2020 Ford Tremor - Truck of the Month photo contest. Now is the perfect time to show off your Tremor! No need to spend hours detailing your truck for this contest because this month's it's just all about using your Tremor. Whether it's mud, dirt, sand...
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    ARE Overland camper shell and build mostly complete

    Nice setup, looks great!
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    Keep the stock 35" Duratrac tires?

    I've run KO2 tires on several trucks & suvs and never had an issue. They are a bit slippery in the rain though. Nice smooth ride on the highway and tough off-road. The problem is I don't think they offer the KO2 in a 285/75/18. I believe the KO2 is one of the few tires that has a 3 ply...
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    Wahoo I got my VIN#

    Congrats! Keep us updated on the build process!
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    Has anyone towed a 5th wheel yet?

    Welcome to the forum @avssuc 🍻 There are several guys on the forum towing 5th wheels with no problems. Check out some of these links:
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    MAPS OFF THE BEATEN PATH: TELENAV®, FORD NAVIGATION TECH KEEPS ROUTING EVEN WHEN F-150, BRONCO OFF-ROADERS EXIT CELL COVERAGE That is because Telenav®, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNAV), a leading provider of connected-car and location-based services, is expanding its collaboration with Ford to supply...