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    New Map Update!

    I used it once and it tried to divert me off the interstate and take dirt roads (maybe the tremor navigation seeks off-road 🤪) I haven't used it since
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    241 deg F Transmission Temp & Climbing

    Towing my 8k travel trailer I have seen very similar situation with 2021 7.3 tremor. 65-70 mph in 5th gear and 4500-5000 rpm. Tranny temp at 240, engine temp only 212. 8% grade and outside temperature around 110 degrees
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    Understanding the security feature of our new trucks..

    This is my first experience with Karr system, dealer installed it automatically. I am convinced it is a complete scam, unless someone can explain what it does that the truck doesn't already do
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    Trailer Hitch extension?

    Picture of GenY hooked up and tailgate down
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    Understanding the security feature of our new trucks..

    Recently when hooking up my camper (must have subconsciously locked the truck) the slight squat of the truck caused by the tongue weight set off the alarm and I got notified on the Ford Pass app. Unfortunately the app notification took a full minute or more to come through, probably enough time...
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    Trailer Hitch extension?

    I have the standard Gen-Y 10k torsion hitch (my camper is 8k lbs) with the Gen-Y WD shank which attaches to most/all WD heads. I have the Equilizer WD head. I noticed a smoother ride when going to the Gen-Y
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    Trailer Hitch extension?

    My Gen-Y torsion hitch with weight distribution also gives the clearance necessary to drop the tailgate while attached.
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    This is one feature I like in the Ram, low speed cornering light that comes on based on the steering wheel
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    2023/24 Super Duty wishes? What are yours?

    I couldn't agree more. The new GMs are horrendous and these Fords really look great. Hats off to the Ford designers!
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    2023/24 Super Duty wishes? What are yours?

    Bigger gas tank Better location for wireless phone charger All three rear seats fold up individually instead of 2 on driver's side together. When we travel with two kids and two dogs, wish the middle could be folded up only Maybe cylinder deactivation for the 7.3l or the hybrid idea (get...
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    Torsion Hitch

    I have the standard GenY Boss Torsion Hitch 10k And I added the weight distribution shank which fits into the Boss hitch.
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    Wow, looks like a lot of work but came out fabulous!
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    Gen Y Hitches

    I have the 10k version, for my 8k trailer. I really like it and notice a difference on rough roads, especially at bridge joints. I got the regular version with weight distribution insert, rather than the version OP included in the picture. It ends up being a long hitch but that was part of the...
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    Camping and portable power stations

    Same as Hedge for me. I installed 340 watts of solar on the roof, charge controller, and extra battery. Can't run the microwave or A/C but can go forever on the solar.
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    TPMS System for trailers.

    It looks as though the Ford system just monitors pressure, not temperature. Is this correct? Some aftermarket options monitor both.