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    Ceramic Nanocoating Woes

    this . I got ceramic pro 9h or whatever and mine came out flawless. When I wash it, it looks like it was freshly waxed. They warranty their product. If the OP's product and work is warrantied he should have no problem demanding they fix it. Otherwise yeah, sue them.
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    Which one of you dickheads....

    did I see towing your airstream in Riverside into Moreno Valley CA on the 60 on Friday 7/2? I was on my way to Palm Springs and passed a Tremor towing a nice airstream.
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    Anyone able to get 2022 X-Plan pricing?

    Pre shortage nonsense, almost every CA dealer I called said they'd honor X Plan. Really BS if they won't still. It's not like they're paying more from the factory and have to pass it on to you, they're just being greedy
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    Auto locking hubs

    my auto locking hubs were broken upon delivery. I got stuck in the mud and had to winch out because I didn't even know I had the option to manually lock them (every 4x4 I've ever owned ONLY had auto lockers or Jeep style where it's actually like an axle sleeve type thing/front axle disconnect)...
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    Xplan price only if I finance full price of vehicle

    I'd tell them to get fucked and then go to another dealer. Then I'd call Ford corporate and give them an earfull. Honestly, his condition about promising to pay it for 4 months. Go ahead and then refi it the next day. Then call the manager and tell him you did just that and he can eat a fat...
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    Ford Maverick!

    that's what I thought too. I think there's a market out there for really small llight duty trucks. People who want bed space for home depot runs, but will never tow more than a tear drop camper or haul more than a half a yard of mulch. Could be a decent little utility truck the the old chevy...
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    What’s on your Smoker or Grill today?

    did a pork butt for pulled pork late into the night Saturday night, and then 6 racks of ribs Sunday morning. Guests came at 1 ish and then we feasted. have so much leftovers. Going to be eating pulled pork and ribs for 2 weeks. Might have to make some carnitas tacos or something.
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    Sport Mode???

    Interesting I haven't tried. Next time I'm on the freeway I'll test this.
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    Sport Mode???

    yeah I agree, on pointlessness. All of those traction control/esc modes are your enemy in deep snow, mud, or sand. You want to keep those tires spinning. People used to be able to drive without all this horseshit and knew how to countersteer and control the throttle to control a skid. My...
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    Sport Mode???

    it's not really a true "sport mode." It doesn't add HP, change fuel mapping, or adjust transmission shift points. It's just a sport mode for the traction control and stability control. It affects NOTHING other than the traction control/ESC. Let's you spin tires a bit more than when...
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    Family camping trip

    This time we stayed at Lodgepole campground which is right off the General's Highway about 2 miles from the General Sherman tree. Last year we stayed at Potwisha which is in the foothills near Three Rivers.
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    Family camping trip

    My wife is going to Alaska over July 4th weekend for a wedding and taking our daughter. Son and I are staying home, so if I can get another site at Sequoia I'm going to attempt a re-do with just him, myself, and the dog.
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    Family camping trip

    this tent is awesome! at 10x14 it's massive but makes things way more comfortable for the family. It's canvas so it weighs a ton, something like 75lbs. So it's definitely a car camping/base camp only tent! It's a Kodiak Canvas "Flex Bow". Spendy but best tent I've ever owned. I can set it...
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    Tell me about your favorite whiskey or bourbon

    hard to pick just one, but I really really like the juice Garrison Brother's is putting out from TX. They have a single barrel one that is really nice, but kind of pricey around a hundred bucks a bottle. Regular woodford is meh, but their double oaked is pretty great and at Costco can be found...
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    Family camping trip