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    Weigh Safe 6" or 8"

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    Need information on "level" for 2021 F350 Tremor

    Specs in my sig, love the Carli.
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    Tire Pressure

    Yep, I run 50 front 40 rear unloaded. Rides like a dream.
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    35's or 37's?

    Yes, best cap I have owned, and I have had my share. No, mine is just win-doors. I need to access the area for the dogs.
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    Aftermarket Wheels & Tire size/offset photos

    Thanks, yes, you can make it the way u want it...
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    What’s on your Smoker or Grill today?

    Malcolm is the man!
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    Tremors and Campers let's talk camping!!

    You will love the Tremor, pulls like a Boss. We are oppisite, got the tremor and now Waiting on the PU of the unit, waiting on a weigh safe hitch and a couple of other accessories.
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    Tremors and Campers let's talk camping!!

    Awesome, got an ATC 28FB coming in the next couple weeks!
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    What size drop?

    I have the weigh safe, they are nice!
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    What size drop?

    8” for mine, boat and 7x16 enclosed.....
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    Tremor leveling kit

    no trimming, 3ish miles an hour @ 72mph.
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    The Sport Club ( lets see them sport versions)

    Yep, great color choice!