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    Bed LED Lighting for 2022 MY

    I have a bakflip cover on mine and with the cover closed seeing down the back is difficult. I also want the additional lighting for when we are duck hunting and being able to see our gear better in the dark when unloading and what not.
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    Bed LED Lighting for 2022 MY

    Has anyone installed LED strips in the bed of their 2022MY yet? I was looking at the ones from F150LED's but their support said they haven't had a chance to install on a 2022 to verify the wiring is the same. I like the idea of the quick splice so the LED comes on with the cargo lighting. Any...
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    '22MY F250 Come with Hitch Adapter?

    Mine did not. Bought the 2.5-2 adapter from a dealer for like $30
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    2021 Hunting thread!

    Was able to shoot my first deer this year during the muzzleloader season in Eastern WA
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    TOTM September 2021 - Tremor of the Month Starts Now!

    First trip of many down to the Oregon Coast!
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    Blind Spot Monitoring when towing

    Hey Everyone, This past weekend was the first chance I had to tow our 24' TT. I went through the setup procedure telling the truck the trailer length and all that good stuff. When I have the trailer plugged in it shows all my saved settings and the BLIS shows as "Ready". But when I was towing...
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    Loaded Lariat F250 Tremor payload sticker?

    2022 F250 Tremor 6.7L PSD Lariat Ultimate w/ black appearance, High capacity & Ultimate Trailer Tow package.
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    Loaded Lariat F250 Tremor payload sticker?

    Mine is 250 lariat with moonroof and also high capacity tow package.
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    Capital gains taxes

    You are correct. You have to live there for at least 2 years but it doesn’t need to be consecutive years, and the look-back period is 5 years. So any 2 years within the last 5 before sale then you qualify for the exclusion.
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    Capital gains taxes

    Also to clarify, 1031 exchanges don’t typically apply to personal residences. Only certain circumstances does it work. The law was intended for business or investment properties.
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    Capital gains taxes

    You are correct you can exclude up to $500,000 of gain if you are married and lived in the home as a primary residence for 2 of the last 5 years. To get a tax benefit with the purchase of the land, you would need to do a partial 1031 exchange. In order to do this you have to use a 1031...
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    Dealer Recommendation Seattle/Kitsap, WA area?

    I ordered mine from Brian Camp at Korum Ford which others have recommended. He has been great and very responsive. He sends email updates throughout the process and now that my truck is on a train headed my way he checks the progress weekly and what state the train car is currently in. I...
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    FYI 2022 Updated Production Schedule

    Hey I ordered mine from the same dealership! Ours should be delivered at the same time as I have a similar ETA.