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    Ticking like a typewriter in my door

    Mine had a pretty intermittent noise that has recently gotten a lot more frequent. Looks like I know what I’m doing this weekend. The noise drives me nuts.
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    Sous Vide

    We’ve had one for years and love it. I’ve also got a smoker and love it and a grill too and will reverse sear steak if the mood strikes. Different tools for different jobs. Sous vide can be used for a lot of different things and can be great if you have the time to wait but don’t want to be...
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    Rubber bed mats

    I removed the plastic bed liner and put in a WeatherTech Bed/Tailgate mat over the weekeNd to go along with the Retrax cover. I’ve got the 5th Wheel Prep Package and it fits fine and comes out easy (held in place with Velcro). I like that it adds a lip to, hopefully, keep water, etc from...
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    The Navy Seal Foundation/Frogman Swim - Charity Fundraiser

    Yesterday’s Tampa Bay Frogman Swim was amazing! It was the 12th year, my first time participating, and won’t be the last. The morning started off early with us getting to Gandy beach at 6am to unload the kayak, get checked in and settled before the opening ceremonies. 7:30 rolled around and...
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    The Navy Seal Foundation/Frogman Swim - Charity Fundraiser

    Every participant in the Tampa Bay Frogman event swam in honor of a fallen Navy SEAL. Let me introduce you to Medal of Honor recipient Petty Officer Michael Monsoor, killed in action September 29, 2006 at the age of 25 in Ramadi, Iraq. Born in Long Beach, CA on April 5th, 1981, Monsoor gave...
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    Garmin 890RV

    I was going to suggest the BuiltRight Dash Piece and some parts from RAM Mounts. I’m not running anything like that in the truck but I’ve used RAM mounts for other things (kayaks, GoPro, etc) and they are pretty nice.
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    The Navy Seal Foundation/Frogman Swim - Charity Fundraiser

    Coming down to the wire, event is this coming Sunday (1/17). Should be a good time, If not a little chilly ... but the after party should be a blast.
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    High idle / SEIC to upfitter switches

    Nice, I had done this on my 2015 and have planned on doing it to this truck but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Thanks for the step-by-step.
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    The Navy Seal Foundation/Frogman Swim - Charity Fundraiser

    Today was a little chilly .... 48 degree air temps, 56 degree water temps. Made for a brisk 3 mile training swim.
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    Random Deal 68 qt. / 108qt Sportsman Trunk $16/$29

    That a damn good deal. I just picked up a couple the other week for holding gear for open water swims + any other random stuff.
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    The Navy Seal Foundation/Frogman Swim - Charity Fundraiser

    Just nailed a 3 mile training swim today. We found out that we won’t be able to use the city park that normally acts as the finish. Thankfully an American Legion post, that happens to be on the water, stepped up and is letting us use their property to finish at. Overall it adds a little...
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    Tremor in cab stored Essentials?

    I have the 3000A version in my truck and the 1000A in my wife’s car. I pull them every 6 months/time change and recharge them, or after each use. Otherwise I have a lot of the same things mentioned already. I like to have the basics with me to tackle situations I come across most often...
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    Wildlife Photos

    We take a lot of pics for our farm’s social media pages. All these were taken on our property. Some of our animals and some of some animals just passing through.
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    in the bed bike rack ( fat bike, mountain bike)

    That was in my 2015 F250 standard bed ... and yeah, that bike is pretty big. My Tri bike doesn’t sit as far back so I’m hoping there is a possibility I’ll be able to fit it once I add the Retrax cover. If not I’ll probably go with the Thule Bed Rider. Ideally I’d like to be able to hold 3...
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    in the bed bike rack ( fat bike, mountain bike)

    I’m still waiting to get my Retrax delivered and installed and then I’ll be able to tell if I can still use the InstaGater or not. It’s going to be a tight fit with the length of my bike and the space the reel will take up. As other options, and if you don’t mind removing a wheel, there are...